About Press Bureau TV

The Press Bureau was established in 1989 as a sports media agency working with the coverage of boxing, football, golf, cricket, rugby and tennis. The company has access to press conferences, media centers, sporting events, press boxes, ringside seating, training facilities arenas and stadiums throughout the world of sport.

The Press Bureau, is on the press panel of a selection of professional clubs, sports organisations and promoters and is associated with the coverage of major sporting events around the world; providing Press Bureau TV with media access to a host of important fixtures in the industry. The Press Bureau holds membership to the Sports Journalists’ Association of Great Britain, the Football Writers’ Association and the Cricket Writers’ Club, meaning this coverage extends to Britain’s famous boxers and leading America-based fighters; golfers on the Men’s European Tour and Ladies European Tour; press events surrounding top teams from English and European Football; media activities for the England Rugby Union team; press days for the England Cricket team; and matches involving the Great Britain Davis Cup tennis team.

Press Bureau TV channel features some of the greatest international sporting events, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage of the biggest stars from the world of sport, Press Bureau TV highlights a selection of current sports celebrities and provides the platform for sports interviews and press conferences with professional sportsmen and sportswomen, to coverage of their training in preparation for matches and tournaments, the channel specialises in boxing, football, golf, cricket, rugby union and tennis.

Both commercial and advertising opportunities are available at the Press Bureau.