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Football Articles Season 2011/2012

Premier League

Fulham vs Aston Villa 13/08/2011
Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion 20/08/2011
Chelsea vs Norwich City 27/08/2011
Manchester United vs Arsenal 28/08/2011
Manchester United vs Chelsea 18/09/2011
Chelsea vs Swansea City 24/09/2011
Chelsea vs Everton 15/10/2011
QPR vs Chelsea 26/10/2011
Chelsea vs Arsenal 29/10/2011
Fulham vs Tottenham Hotspur 06/11/2011
Arsenal vs Everton 10/12/2011
Chelsea vs Manchester City 12/12/2011
Manchester City vs Arsenal 18/12/2011
Fulham vs Manchester United 21/12/2011
Chelsea vs Fulham 26/12/2011
Arsenal vs Queens Park Rangers 31/12/2011
Fulham vs Arsenal 02/01/2012
Chelsea vs Sunderland 12/01/2012
Arsenal vs Manchester United 22/01/2012
Arsenal vs Blackburn Rovers 04/02/2012
Chelsea vs Manchester United 05/02/2012
Chelsea vs Stoke 10/03/2012
Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur 24/03/2012
QPR vs Arsenal 31/03/2012
Arsenal vs Manchester City 08/04/2012
Arsenal vs Chelsea 21/04/2012
Chelsea vs QPR 29/04/2012
Chelsea vs Blackburn Rovers 13/05/2012

F A Cup

Carling Cup

UEFA Champions League

International Matches

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